Promote Music/Video On Donemmynaija

Promote Music/Video On Donemmynaija


Get your Song/Video posted on Donemmynaija today & enjoy all the below mentioned Advantages & More!!

For procedures on how to get your Music/Video on Donemmynaija, kindly contact us via any of the means below.

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▪️ Did you promise to take over and break boundaries this year? If Yes, you need to work with a Potent blog like us.

▪️ We know what works and what does not works when it comes to Online Promotion.

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▪️ We offer many other Promotional packages that will make your new song or next one a big hit song.

▪️ Want massive Downloads/Views for your new materials? We’ve Loyal Fans following our Music Section and Updates daily.

▪️ Remember, a good song without a good promotion is a big shit! We’ve millions of Fans home & abroad, let’s help you get your song/video to Million of Nigerians around the world easily.

▪️ Donemmynaija has at least 4000 plus people checking Donemmynaija music site everyday from music lovers proves below:


Thinking of Promoting your Song Online? – Your first choice should be Donemmynaija.

We are among the best Music & Entertainment platform in Nigeria – We take the Lead all year round 👑 is a Household name to reckon on the Internet when it comes to Music & Video Promotion in Nigeria.

Over the years we’ve generated over 500 Million Downloads promoting Nigerian Music & Video on the Internet.

Upcoming Music artistes!! This is what promoting your music on DONEMMYNAIJA can do for you:-

  • Normal Music Promotion:- With 10,000 Naira price can give your song not less than 200,000 downloads on Donemmynaija in a month without hype
  • Standard Music Promotion:- With 25,000 Naira price can give your song not less than 390,000 downloads on Donemmynaija in a month with hype
  • Professional Music Promotion:- With 50,000 Naira price can give your song not less than 700,000 downloads in a month with hype
  • Donemmynaija also deals with Graphic Designs for music artistes (both normal art works and cartoon art works)

Are you a MusicianRecord Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager?

Come let’s Showcase your song on our Platform and Experience the true effectiveness of Internet promotion you can’t get elsewhere except on Donemmynaija.

Since 2016 when Donemmynaija music blog started we have been growing rapidly on our views and millions of music lovers have been checking out website on a daily basic.

In Total Donemmynaija has 9.8million plus music lovers on yearly but based on 2020 as Donemmynaija is now among top 10 music blogs on Google Search to generate more music lovers to your song..

From 1st of January to 28 of February Donemmynaija have generate 751,551 views and 314,891 people within 2months which is the best since Donemmynaija started 2016 and we are glad to tell you that before December 31st 2020 Donemmynaija might end the year with Billions of People on this site.. The Stats Of 2020 is the beginning of Donemmynaija making every music artistes to blow in the music industry.

Below is the top ten countries checking Donemmynaija site per day:-

Top 10 countries checking Donemmynaija music site Dailly, Monthly and Yearly

  1. Nigeria
  2. United States
  3. South Africa
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Ghana
  6. India
  7. European Union
  8. Germany
  9. Russia
  10. Brazil

Donemmynaija have recorded 6.2million plus Music Downloads since 2016 to 2020

Invest in your music career, because there is no way you can become a star, or get good record deals from record labels if you don’t promote your music(s)

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We have Shown you Donemmynaija Proves of how people are checking in and out of the music site that means you will blow if you promote your music on

Thanks from Adeyemi Emmanuel Kolawole also known as Don Emmy (The CEO of Donemmynaija Digital Broadcast)

Donemmynaija Digital Broadcast is Government Approved and Donemmynaija is licence to perform the line of business.

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