Newspaper Suspends Staff Over Oyedepo US Visa Report (Read Details)

Newspaper Suspends Staff Over Oyedepo US Visa Report

ThisDay Newspaper said it has suspended two of its editors over a report about general administrator of Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo which ended up being bogus.

“The administration of THISDAY Newspapers Limited has suspended two of its appointee editors, Mr. Yemi Ajayi and Mr. Olawale Olaleye, over the story: “Dramatization as US Embassy Denies Bishop Oyedepo Visa,” distributed last Friday,” ThisDay said in an announcement on Tuesday.

“The story, which guaranteed that Bishop Oyedepo was denied visa by the US Embassy, was thusly disproved by the international safe haven to be bogus.”

The report distributed and later erased on THISDAY site from the get-go Friday guaranteed the international safe haven denied the minister visa reestablishment.

The reports guaranteed that while the international safe haven didn’t give some other purpose behind the now invented visa disavowal, it said that Oyedepo didn’t meet all requirements for visa recharging in its evaluation and encouraged him to reapply.

“David Oyedepo out of resentment made a scene while questioning the reason for his refusal, focusing on that he had been making a trip to the states as far back as 1980s and had not disregarded any standards or carried out any wrongdoing to have justified being prevented a reestablishment from claiming his visa,” the report said.

Be that as it may, the US Embassy said the report was bogus and ‘made’.

“Be exhorted, the reports making the rounds about a visa being denied to Nigerian Bishop Oyedepo are bogus,” US Embassy tweeted on Friday.

“In the event that you have seen this produced thing in the media, help rout this #misinformation by conveying to everybody that it is totally bogus.”

The news organization said additionally “researched the distribution and found that the two appointee editors neglected to follow its settled customs of doing the essential checks and affirmations expected of staff of their status in a delicate story of that nature.”

The paper apologized to Oyedepo for the shame the story may have caused him.

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