Is This Safe?? See How Hand Sanitizers Are Made In Ojota Market, Lagos (Watch Video)

Is This Safe?? See How Hand Sanitizers Are Made In Ojota Market, Lagos (Watch Video)

See How Hand Sanitizers Are Made In Ojota Market, Lagos

A Nigerian man has shared a video of Nigerians making hand sanitizers in Large amount.

He took to Instagram to impart the video to a long inscription communicating his feelings of trepidation about the entire situation.

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I at long last discovered the enchantment behind the abrupt convergence HAND SANITIZER MANUFACTURERS today… Ojota Market ni. #SwipeLeft

Following a couple of long periods of staying inside, I needed to step out on the grounds that I expected to get materials to make dish/garments fluid cleanser from the market.

With #3000 you can make a 25litre barrel of cleanser, took in this 2 years prior. With the impending ‘full remain at home request’ I chose to make some since na 4 garments my housemate dey wear every day.

On my way to the store after I got into the market, I saw a great deal of blending was going on in pretty much every shop that sold ‘synthetic concoctions’ which was extremely abnormal, and one thing they shared for all intents and purpose was the shading which was white/translucent.

After finding a workable pace, while holding on to gather my buy it last occurred to me that they were all creation HAND SANITIZERS.

To affirm my dread, a woman situated in the store who likewise happened to be another client was given a 5 liter barrel loaded with fluid, next thing she did was to bring out sticker and slapped it on the holder. Fit to be sent to the purchaser I presume.

I saw individuals purchasing in liters for individual use while some purchased in 50 liter barrels, to exchange I presume. The market rate was #1000 for a liter.

So they should simply purchase in mass, get holders from a similar market, get names printed and exchange.

Like a said a couple of days back, know who you are purchasing from. Bringing in cash DURING a pandemic is not the same as bringing in cash FROM a pandemic.

My feelings of dread:

1. I question the plan is correct. Things can turn out badly, there are reports of individuals having stripping/consumed hands as of now via web-based networking media in the wake of buying some sanitizers.

2. I question the adequacy of the sanitizers too. Make e no be say na normal gel you dey rub

Anyway, I am back in the security of my home, I had a full clean with cleanser. All that I carried back was showered with IPA (isopropyl liquor), my outfit went straight into the washer.

I am at present drinking a hot cup of lemon and ginger water

May God spare every one of us

Watch Video Below:-

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