[Donemmynaija Article] Who really is the musicgod in Nigeria?

Could it be Wizkid, Davido, Dbanj or Olamide?
Well, you shouldn’t bother trying to figure out who it is.
Mag is an upcoming artist who is already rubbing shoulders in the Nigeria music industry. MAG has performed alongside some of the big names in the Nigeria music Industry, however, he was signed to a record label Mo Group Music six months ago.
A few minutes ago he posted on his Instagram quoting as follows :
I am Not as rich as Davido neither am l globally recognized as wizkid is.
Furthermore, I also know that I am Not connected as Dbanj “Bangalee” nor am I as popular as Olamide “King of the Street “. But I know my music is incomparable to any of the above mentioned.
I create music, my music control minds, I create a soulful song and give Life to it, I breathe soul onto the songs and they become music that controls minds.
I, therefore, have created Life into music as such am TheMusicGod👁
We present to you MAG… check him on IG @officialmag01 and Twitter  @officialmag01

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