“We Must Change Our Lawless Habits” – President Buhari Warns Nigerians

President Muhammadu Buhari has told Nigerians that the nation must show commitment towards real change to improve the nation’s fortunes.

The president said this during his Independence Day speech early on Tuesday, October 1, 2019, to commemorate Nigeria’s independence from British colonialists in 1960.

The 76-year-old said Nigerians must rededicate themselves to becoming a united and prosperous nation in the 21st century.

He then reiterated a point he made in his 2015 Independence Day speech about Nigerians being law-abiding citizens to bring about real change.

He said,

“In the past four years, the majority of Nigerians have committed to change for the better.

“Indeed, this administration was re-elected by Nigerians on a mandate to deliver positive and enduring change – through maintaining our national security; restoring sustainable and inclusive economic growth and development; and fighting corruption against all internal and external threats.

“This change can only be delivered if we are united in purpose, as individuals and as a nation.

“We must all remain committed to achieving this positive and enduring Change.

“As I stated four years ago, ‘Change does not just happen. We must change our lawless habits, our attitude to public office and public trust.

“‘Simply put, to bring about change, we must change ourselves by being law-abiding citizens.’”

In his speech, the president highlighted his government’s efforts in improving security, accelerating sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and fighting corruption and restoring good governance.

He also called on Nigerians to be united so that the country will emerge from its present challenges stronger than ever.

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